• Belly Dance – Oriental Dance – Egyptian Raqs Sharqi  (classical, folk, contemporary)
  • Flamenco Árabe Fusion (classical, cotemporary)
  • Indian Fusion (classical, folk)
  • Latin Fusion (Salsa, Cha Cha)
  • Single Veil / Double Veil / Fan Veil
  • Basic Zagat / Finger Cymbals / Zills
*Please check the ‘AGENDA’ page for a current schedule of classes, workshops, and performances.

2 thoughts on “Workshops”

  1. Hi! When will you come to Mexico? Or how can we ask for a workshop with you?? I’ll be waiting for your answer, I’m very interested to take workshops with you! I’m from North East Mexico, at the border with Texas.

  2. Beautiful
    I want to lean belly dance.

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