Q & A

Q: Who is Sonia?

A: Haha…I’m still trying to figure that out myself!   I’m just a curious girl, simply looking to learn and fully experience this body in this life…following my path harmoniously.

Q: When did your passion for dance start, and how?

A: As far as my memory serves me, dance and movement in general, has always appealed to my sensibilities.  I didn’t actually start formal training until I attended ballet classes at my local community college.  That’s where it all really began.  Things started to progress effortlessly, and before I knew it, I became a professional dancer.  It was never a part any master plan, because the truth is, I never had one.  I guess I was lucky enough to find my life purpose!  I pray that I can enrich people lives through the art of dance just as others have done for me.

Q: What are you working on at the moment?  What about the future?

A: After spending so many years on the road, living the “tour life,” I decided to take my newfound independence and spend some time traveling to further develop and hone my dance skills.  I will be spending part of my time teaching workshops in order to support my addiction to dance and travel….becoming a serous student again.  As far as the future is concerned…I was recently asked “where do you want to take dance?”  I am not really looking to take dance anywhere in particular, I will simply let it take me.

Q: What do you love about dance?

A: A force to be reckoned with, dance has always had a mysterious power over me. It is something that I may never be able to define or explain in simple words, or even complex ones.  You simply have to experience dance for yourself, and decide what it is that YOU love about it…then you might have your answer! 😉

Q: What are some challenges that you’ve faced?

A: Challenges are always going to be there, whether they are physical or psychological.  I always try to stay focused and honor the moment of Truth.  When my body calls me to rest, I rest. When it is time to move, I move again.  If I need to put myself outside of  my comfort zone in order to grow, I will do it.  With that, I  have also gained wisdom…recognizing boundaries, knowing when and how hard to push this body.  The greatest challenge of all is simply believing…not only in myself, but also in others.  This dance business ca put you through the wringer at times.  Being confident is great, as long as you remain humbled and realize that what you have and what you are able to do is always a blessing.  Keep counting those blessings!

Q: What advice do you have for those who want to pursue dance as a profession?

A:  If you truly want it, you will find the way.  Surround yourself with people that inspire and motivate you.  Love every moment, for they are all precious.  Work hard!  In a competitive environment, perseverance is an invaluable asset!  Be passionate about what you do, BE IN LOVE!


Sonia Ochoa Dancer India Rajasthan

Don’t be afraid to let go! Laugh a lot and enjoy the journey as much as you can…life is short.  


3 thoughts on “Q & A”

  1. Loved the phrase at the end 🙂

  2. suvendu chand,tint clickz said:

    thanks for ur advice

  3. Kenneth G山人 said:

    Your performances were wonderful ,Do you publishing any dvd? can you give me a list ? thank you

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