Winter Warming

8-Week Belly Dance Series 2018


Sonia Ochoa


Dearest Dancers, 

I pray that you all had the most wonderful of holidays, and that you find yourself and your loved ones in the best of health and spirit!

And NOW, it is TIME TO DANCE!  Here is the info for my upcoming Los Angeles (Los Alamitos) series of classes…

Winter Warming 8-Week Belly Dance Series 2018!!!

Who and What:
It’s getting colder outside…or at least, I hope it will! Ohhh L.A.!!! Are you ready to shimmy your way through the winter season? Now is your chance! I am happy and exited to be offering yet another series of classes…woooohooo! 

Starting Jan 9- Feb 27, we will have class every Tuesday evening, Beginners 8-9pm and Intermediate/Advanced 9-10pm. 

I will be offering a Beginners class for those of you who would like to spend a little more time breaking things down and drilling each movement to your personal best! My beginners class also offers the more experienced dancer an opportunity to fine tune technique with the option of variations and layers to challenge each of you individually.

We will also explore:
•the most common middle eastern rhythms
•various belly dance styles
•stage presence
•history and evolution
•culture and traditions
•and more!

My Intermediate/Advanced group will be working on 2 NEW CHOREOGRAPHIES! Its always good to add something new to the repertoire or feel inspired and utilize new combinations for your own creations!

So lets get to it and reserve your spot for the Winter Warming 8-Week Belly Dance Series 2018!!!

How much:
Reserve by Sunday, January 8:
•16 classes $280 (for both classes every week)
•8 classes $150 (can mix between classes, only with instructors approval)
•4 classes $80 (do not have to attend consecutively)

After Jan 8:
•16 classes $295
•8 classes $165
•4 classes $95

•1 drop-in class $25 cash at the door with reservation only via email

****MUST RSVP by Jan 8th by submitting payment via PayPal to DANSONIA@MAC.COM Please choose the friends option…thank you!

**All sales are final and non-refundable**

Esencia Flamenca
3257 Katella Ave
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Because its good food for the soul! It’s a great low-impact workout 🙂  It’s a great creative outlet where you can connect with other dancers from our community.  Oh yeahhh…and it’s lots of fun!

A little about Sonia:
With over 20 years of experience, Sonia has toured all over the world with various dance companies, most notably with the Bellydance Superstars, catapulting her into worldwide stardom. In more recent years, she has travelled to some of the most prestigious dance schools and events across the globe to undergo intensive training in Egyptian style belly dance (aka Raks Sharki), flamenco, and classical Indian dance. Amidst her teaching and performance schedule, Sonia also studies Yoga and Pilates as a way to maintain a steady practice for a healthy and focused mind and body.

*All inquiries must be sent to

Thank You,

Fall Into Dance with Sonia Ochoa

8-Week Belly Dance Series 2017

Fall IntoDanceWithSoniaOchoa-1.png


Summer of Sonia

8-Week Belly Dance Series 2017

Summer OfSonia.png



*Schedule is subject to change

For booking inquiries contact:


*See the list below for past events…

Oct-Dec 2017  Los Angeles, Fall Into Dance with Sonia 8-Week Belly Dance Series

Oct 2017  Rome, Italy (Workshops and Performance) 

Sept 2017  Guadalajara, Jalisco (Workshops and Performance)

Jul-Sept 2017  Los Angeles, Summer of Sonia 8-Week Belly Dance Series

May 2017  Japan Tour – Osaka / Tokyo / Toyama  (Workshops and Performances)

April 2017  Milan, Italy (Workshops)

April 2017  London, England (Workshops and Performance)

June 2016  Quito, Ecuador  (Judging Competition,Workshops and Performances)

May-June 2016  Japan Tour – Tokyo / Toyama  (Workshops and Performances)

May 2016  Hong Kong  (Workshops)

April-May 2016  Madrid/Granada, Spain  (Dance training)

April 2016  Athens, Greece  (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

April 2016 Brussels, Belgium  (Workshops and Performance)

April 2016  Jesi, Itlay  (Workshops and Performance)

April 2016  Montpellier, France  (Workshops and Performance)

March 2016  London, England (Workshops and Performance)

March 2016 Maribor, Slovenia (Workshops and Performance)

May 2015  Japan Tour – Osaka / Tokyo (Workshops and Performances)

April 2015  Hong Kong (Workshops and Performance)

April 2015  Los Angeles Master Class @ MAS

February 2015  Madrid, Spain (Workshops)

February 2015  Sicily, Italy (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

February 2015  Eilat, Israel (Workshops and Performance)

January 2015  Los Angeles, California (Workshops)

December 2014  Kalamazoo, Michigan (Workshop)

December 2014  Portland, Oregon (Workshops and Performance)

November 2014  Madrid, Spain  (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

November 2014  Brussels, Belgium  (Workshops and Performance)

October 2014  Assisi, Italy  (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

October 2014  Guadalajara, Mexico  (Workshops and Performance)

September 2014  New York City, NY   (Workshop and Performance)

July-August 2014  Los Angeles  (Yoga Teacher Training)

May-June 2014  Madrid, Spain (Flamenco Training)

April-May 2014  Japan Tour – Okinawa/Osaka/Tokyo (Workshops and Performances)

February-April 2014  Rajasthan (Odissi dance training), Bangalore (workshops), India

December-February 2014  Madrid, Spain  (Flamenco training)  

November-December 2013  Duisburg, Germany  (workshops and performances)

November 2013  Mexico D.F.  (workshops and performance)

November 2013  São Paulo, Brasil  (workshops and performance)

November 2013  Montpellier, France  (workshops and performance)

October 2013  Barcelona, Spain (workshops and performance)

October 2013  Assisi, Italy  (judging competition, workshops and performance)

September-October 2013  Madrid and Sevilla, Spain  (Flamenco training)

August-September 2013  Singapore  (workshops and performance)

July 2013  Tampa, Florida  (workshops and performance)

April-May 2013  Japan Tour  Tokyo / Osaka  (workshops and performance)

February-April 2013  India  (Odissi classical Indian dance training)

January-February 2013  Los Angeles, CA  (workshops)

December 2012  Marrakesh, Morocco  (performance)

October 2012  Atlanta, Georgia  (workshops and performance)

October 2012   Portland, Oregon (workshops and performance)

September 2012  Ningbo, China  (judging competition, workshops, performance)

June 2012   Los Angeles, California  (performance)

May 2012   San Diego, California  (performance) 

April 2012   Portland, Oregon  (performance) 

March 2012   Hollywood, California  (performance)

February 2012    Tokyo, Japan  (workshops)

November-February 2012   Orissa, India  (Odissi classical Indian dance training)

November 2011   Hong Kong  (workshops)

September 2011   Lima, Peru  (workshops and performance)

September 2011   São Paulo, Brasil  (workshops and performance)

Aug 2011  Taiwan Tour Taipei / Hsinchu / Chiayi / Taichung  (workshops and performance)

July 2011   London, England  (workshops and performance)

July 2011   Manila, Philippines  (workshops and performance)

June 2011   Querétaro, Mexico  (workshops and performance)

May 2011   Bogotá, Colombia  (workshops and performance)

April 2011   Seattle, Washington  (workshops)




1 thought on “Agenda”

  1. Hi, i think you are a very good dancer and also i´m your fan, but, how can be posible that you are not going to visit mexico, i expect to know soon, that you will come. i love your bellynesian!!

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