Summer of Sonia 2019, Oriental Dance Training is in full effect!

Dearest dancers, I am currently conducting the Summer of Sonia dance series in two locations, Los Alamitos on Thursday evenings and Sherman Oaks on Monday evenings.  For further inquiries, email:


Summer of Sonia, Oriental Dance Training Series in Los Alamitos and Sherman Oaks, California


New updates for Spring 2019!

First, I want to thank all who sponsored and supported my recent Winter Tour.  It was such a wonderful adventure through 5 countries; India, UK, Spain, Slovenia, and Greece!  I’m so grateful for all that I learned, and for all that I was able to share.   There were many bonding moments with fellow artists, teachers, and friends.  I look forward to revisiting Europe in Winter/Spring of 2020!  Here are just a few special moments on tour.  If you want to skip the moments, scroll down about 20 photos to SPRING TOUR 2019!


Waslet Raqs Performance at Shisha Jazz Café in Pune, Maharashtra, India


Sonia Ochoa and Jayesh Joshi on tabla, Drum Solo Performance at Sisha Jazz Café in Pune


With Pune Sponsor, Essa Duhaime of Diva Bellydance Academy


With students from the London Weekend Intensive hosted by Tamara Tirjack


‘Golden Age’ inspired workshop in Cambridge, UK hosted by Tamara Tirjack


Odissi class with Elena of Bhumi Odissi Dance Academy in London, and dear friend Maryam Shakiba


SURPRISE cake for my birthday in Estella, Spain


Workshop Intensive in Estella, Lizarra, Spain, hosted by Puy Silver Rose


Walking along the river with my lovely sponsor Ksenija Visket in beautiful Maribor, Slovenia


Silliness after Maribor Workshops


Studying Neo Folk with Patricia Alvarez in Madrid


Madrid dance intensive with Pau Aran of Tanztheater Wuppertal by Pina Bausch


Lunch with Crisitna Gadea at Mercado Anton Martin, Madrid


With the lovely Sandra in Granada.  Thank you for showing me this beautiful sight!


Dinner in Granada with some amazing artists!!!! Thanks to my hostess, Helena Rull


Cameo with Mohamed el Sayed and Oscar Flores in Granada



With my old BDSS tour mate, Ana Saeeda



Madrid Workshops hosted by Ana Saeeda





Workshops in Thessaloniki hosted by Irini Karabatzaki


Thank you Irini, for making the final days of my tour so special!


So what’s next, you ask?


May 11-12  Arizona

Tickets for Prescott:


Tickets for Tempe:


May 16-19  Toyama, Japan

Registration and Info:




May 24-26  Tokyo, Japan

Registration and Info:




June 2019 Cairo, Egypt

I will be joining Karavan Sarai in Cairo!  Stay tuned for dates at Makan Center for Culture and Arts, Cairo Jazz Club, Underground by After 8….

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 6.05.25 PM.png

Check out my cameo appearance with Karvan Sarai at Lightning In A Bottle, Spring 2018

More on Karavan Sarai:


*Please contact organizers for all show and workshop inquiries.  Thank you!

*Stayed tuned on my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates!  Links below.


India/Europe Winter Tour  2019

Feb 9-10  Pune, Maharashtra, India


Visit the facebook event page:


Feb 16-17  London, United Kingdom


Visit the facebook event page:


Feb 19  Cambridge, United Kingdom


Visit the facebook event page:


Mar 3  Estella, Navarra, Spain


Visit the facebook event page:


Mar 9-10  Maribor, Slovenia


Visit the facebook event page:



March 24  Madrid, Spain

Organizer: Ana Saeeda, Studio Ayur


Mar 30  Thessaloniki, Greece


Visit the facebook event page:


Latest News….


Sonia Ochoa Dance Co. at The Friendship Concert,

April 26, 2019

I am so honored my company, Sonia Ochoa Dance Co., was invited to perform at The Friendship Concert this year, organized by Juli Kim in association with The Artists’ Platform.  We presented one of my recent choreographies titled ‘Oriental Play’ among a line-up of incredible talent at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles.  Thanks to our supportive L.A. community and to those who came out to see us!


Mayra Romo, Sonia Ochoa, Lindsey Jeans-Shaw, Marisol Ferrer



Sonia Ochoa photo by Oshell Oh


New music video with John Sokoloff!

It was a great experience working with John Sokoloff (composer) and Anastasia Pierucci (director) on this video ‘Dance With Me My Love.’   I was given all the freedom to just improvise and express myself in the moment, and it was such a pleasure to dance with John Sokoloff himself!  Be sure to watch this romantic story of a lost love told through music and dance.

New music video with Kaveh Karandish!

Have a look at the new Kaveh Karandish music video shot by Grandfather Media.  We had a blast shooting this video at the gorgeous Biltmore in DTLA.  It is filled with rich colors and sounds created by brilliant musicians.  And some dancing by yours truly…enjoy!!!


Photo by Kamelia Photography

Mojácar Flamenco, Contemporary Music and Dance Theater

Rehearsals are in full swing!  Stay tuned for announcements on our upcoming performances later this year!


Mojácar Flamenco, Contemporary Music and Dance Theater

Workshops and Private Lessons with Sonia

If you cannot make it to any of my classes or workshops, bookings for private or small group lessons are available on location and via Skype.

Email for inquiries:


Photo by Chad Goei


Back on the Tube!!!

Ok, so I have finally started another new channel and I just added a couple new videos. Please visit, enjoy, and don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe.  I promise I will try to post more stuff!  Thank you for watching!!!

Sonia Ochoa Dance Co.

Don’t forget to follow the Sonia Ochoa Dance Company facebook page for updates on upcoming performances!



For booking inquiries contact:



Past tours and events below…


November 2018  Hollywood, CA  Music Video ‘Dance with me, my love’ with composer John Sokoloff featuring Sonia Ochoa (dance)

November 2018  La Cañada Flintridge, CA  Amaral Dance Studio and Heritage Dance and Cultural Center present ‘Passion of Dance’ at Lanterman Auditorium (Flamenco and Armenian dance studio collaboration)

September 2018  Highlands, N. Carolina  Kaveh Karandish concert featuring Maz Karandish, Eric Zhang, and Sonia Ochoa (dance) in a blend of Persian Piano, flamenco cajon, and Indian sitar music.

Sept-Dec 2018 Sherman Oaks, CA  Attended weekly private lessons in Iraqi dance/history with Sara Al-Hadithi

Sept-Dec 2018 Los Alamitos, CA  ‘Fall Into Dance’ series at Esencia Flamenca

Sept 2018  North Carolina, USA  Performance with Kaveh Karandish and ensemble.

Aug 2018  Guangzhou, China  Performance Intensive and Workshops with Sonia Ochoa.  15 hours of intensive training in Oriental dance (focus on Muwashahat) and Flamenco- Árabe fusion.  Plus a performance intensive with dancers from Guangzhou, Shanghai, and surrounding cities.

Aug 2018  Santa Monica, CA  12th Annual MixMatch Dance Festival organized by Hart Pulse Dance Company,  showcasing LA’s top choreographers.  The Sonia Ochoa Dance Co. performed two short classic oriental style pieces from the company repertoire, choreography by Sonia Ochoa.

Aug 2018  Fontana, CA  Performance (oriental and flamenco fusion) at Oasis Dance Magic All-Star Gala organized by Fahtiem, with guest artist and instructor Tamalyn Dallal

Jul 2018  Madrid, Spain  Flamenco training with Carmela Greco at Amor De Dios. Collaboration performance with Paticia Álvarez at Mabshe International Dance Congress for Dance and Percussion.  Workshop at FlamencOriental Summer Madrid in collaboration with Patricia Álvarez

Jul 2018  London, England  Workshop Weekdend Intensive at The Place studios

Jun-Jul 2018   Cairo, Egypt  Dance intensive and performance at Raqs, Of Course Egyptian Dance Festival organized by Randa Kamel and Mohamed Shahin

Jun 2018   Japan Tour (Tokyo and Toyama)  Workshops and Performances organized by Deseos Productions and St Maria and Broadway Maria Studios , including a second time collaboration with Tokyo flamenco dancer Ken Nagata

May 2018  Los Angeles, CA   Video shoot for ‘Passion Dance’ (Sonia solo)  and ‘Desert Dance’ (Sonia Ochoa Dance Co.) with Kaveh Karandish, (pianist), Maz Karandish (oud), Eric Zang (percussion), Farzin Farhadi (saxophone), at the Biltmore DTLA.

May 2018  Bradley, CA  Lightning In A Bottle  Performance with Karavan Sarai and Schirin Chams-Diba

Apr  2018   Berkeley, CA  Tapestry of Dance World Fusion Dance Showcase and Workshops, Collaboration with Schirin Chams-Diba

Apr 2018  Malibu, CA   Performance with Alexandra Drakulich and Stellamara

Mar-May 2018  Los Angeles, CA   Flamenco Árabe fusion with mantón series at Los Angeles Bellydance Academy

Mar-May 2018  Commerce, CA   World Fuison series at Fusion Performing Dance Arts

Mar-May 2018   Los Alamitos, CA   Spring Into Dance Series at Esencia Flamenca

Mar 2018  Pasadena, CA  ‘Cantan Los Fuegos’ dance drama performance at ARC Pasadena. Choreographed and produce by Katerina Tomas and Stephen Dick of Mojacar Flamenco

Mar 2018   Anaheim, CA   Fez Nights organized by Roxanne Shelaby Productions. Sonia solo performance with Iqaat Band and Sonia Ochoa Dance Company premiere performance presenting classic and modern style oriental dance.

Jan-Mar 2018   Los Alamitos, CA  ‘Winter Warming Dance Series’ at Esencia Flamenca


Dec 3 2017  Los Angeles, Issam Houshan’s Hard Raqs Café Album Release and Show

Oct-Dec 2017  Los Angeles, Fall Into Dance with Sonia 8-Week Belly Dance Series

Oct 2017  Rome, Italy  Twin Fest (Workshops and Performance) 

Sept 2017  Guadalajara, Jalisco (Workshops and Performance)

Jul-Sept 2017  Los Angeles, Summer of Sonia 8-Week Belly Dance Series

May 2017  Japan Tour – Osaka / Tokyo / Toyama  (Workshops and Performances)

April 2017  Milan, Italy (Workshops)

April 2017  London, England (Workshops and Performance)


June 2016  Quito, Ecuador  (Judging Competition,Workshops and Performances)

May-June 2016  Japan Tour – Tokyo / Toyama  (Workshops and Performances)

May 2016  Hong Kong  (Workshops)

April-May 2016  Madrid/Granada, Spain  (Dance training)

April 2016  Athens, Greece  (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

April 2016 Brussels, Belgium  (Workshops and Performance)

April 2016  Jesi, Itlay  (Workshops and Performance)

April 2016  Montpellier, France  (Workshops and Performance)

March 2016  London, England (Workshops and Performance)

March 2016 Maribor, Slovenia (Workshops and Performance)


May 2015  Japan Tour – Osaka / Tokyo (Workshops and Performances)

April 2015  Hong Kong (Workshops and Performance)

April 2015  Los Angeles Master Class @ MAS

February 2015  Madrid, Spain (Workshops)

February 2015  Sicily, Italy (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

February 2015  Eilat, Israel (Workshops and Performance)

January 2015  Los Angeles, California (Workshops)


December 2014  Kalamazoo, Michigan (Workshop)

December 2014  Portland, Oregon (Workshops and Performance)

November 2014  Madrid, Spain  (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

November 2014  Brussels, Belgium  (Workshops and Performance)

October 2014  Assisi, Italy  (Judging Competition, Workshops and Performance)

October 2014  Guadalajara, Mexico  (Workshops and Performance)

September 2014  New York City, NY   (Workshop and Performance)

July-August 2014  Los Angeles  (Yoga Teacher Training)

May-June 2014  Madrid, Spain (Flamenco Training)

April-May 2014  Japan Tour – Okinawa/Osaka/Tokyo (Workshops and Performances)

February-April 2014  Rajasthan (Odissi dance training), Bangalore (workshops), India

December-February 2014  Madrid, Spain  (Flamenco training)  


November-December 2013  Duisburg, Germany  (workshops and performances)

November 2013  Mexico D.F.  (workshops and performance)

November 2013  São Paulo, Brasil  (workshops and performance)

November 2013  Montpellier, France  (workshops and performance)

October 2013  Barcelona, Spain (workshops and performance)

October 2013  Assisi, Italy  (judging competition, workshops and performance)

September-October 2013  Madrid and Sevilla, Spain  (Flamenco training)

August-September 2013  Singapore  (workshops and performance)

July 2013  Tampa, Florida  (workshops and performance)

April-May 2013  Japan Tour  Tokyo / Osaka  (workshops and performance)

February-April 2013  India  (Odissi classical Indian dance training)

January-February 2013  Los Angeles, CA  (workshops)


December 2012  Marrakesh, Morocco  (performance)

October 2012  Atlanta, Georgia  (workshops and performance)

October 2012   Portland, Oregon (workshops and performance)

September 2012  Ningbo, China  (judging competition, workshops, performance)

June 2012   Los Angeles, California  (performance)

May 2012   San Diego, California  (performance) 

April 2012   Portland, Oregon  (performance) 

March 2012   Hollywood, California  (performance)

February 2012    Tokyo, Japan  (workshops)

November-February 2012   Orissa, India  (Odissi classical Indian dance training)


November 2011   Hong Kong  (workshops)

September 2011   Lima, Peru  (workshops and performance)

September 2011   São Paulo, Brasil  (workshops and performance)

Aug 2011  Taiwan Tour Taipei / Hsinchu / Chiayi / Taichung  (workshops and performance)

July 2011   London, England  (workshops and performance)

July 2011   Manila, Philippines  (workshops and performance)

June 2011   Querétaro, Mexico  (workshops and performance)

May 2011   Bogotá, Colombia  (workshops and performance)

April 2011   Seattle, Washington  (workshops)




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  1. Hi, i think you are a very good dancer and also i´m your fan, but, how can be posible that you are not going to visit mexico, i expect to know soon, that you will come. i love your bellynesian!!

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